Modified PA6
Modified PPO
Modified HIPS
Modified PET
Modified PBT
Modified PC
PC-ABS Alloy
Modified ABS
Modified PP
Modified PA66
High permeability-low odor soft PVC compound
Special soft PVC compound
Special colored soft PVC compound for Injection
PVC compound for extrusion board or sheet
Double-color Co-extrusion PVC compound for Windows & Doors Profiles
Co-extrusion (Surface Coated) PVC compound for board or profiles
PVC Granules for Transparent Medical Appliance
PVC Granules for Transparent Containers
Special PVC Granules for IC Packing Pipes
Special Co-extrusion PVC Granules for Labels on Supermarket Shelves
PVC Granules for Heat-shrinkage Label (Packing) Films
Special Injection PVC Granules for UPVC Pipe Fittings
Modified Engineering Plastics Based On PVC
Rigid and Black Conductive PVC Compound
Special Granules for Color PVC Containers Blown or Extruded
Special colored soft PVC compound for Injection

IM707 (Typical Type


IM707 PVC compound are applicable for soft injection products, mainly used in semi-soft products, car handle wheel, furniture barrier strip, and mechanical seals.


●Good injection processing performance;

●Excellent comprehensive performance;

●Semi-soft products;

●Meet the requirements on REACH, DEPH free.




Test standard




Test standard


Specific Gravity

ASTM D792-00



Shore A(Hardness)

ASTM D2240


Tensile Strength

ASTM D638-03




Elongation at Break

ASTM D638-03




More Types

Type                 Properties &Applications

 IM7071H         Comply with ROHS and REACH, DEHP free, mainly used in car handle wheel, furniture barrier strip, and mechanical seals.

 IM808            Mainly used in car accessories injection plastic pull handle, very low VOC content comply with the regulation of smell requirements, such as Volkswagen car company etc.

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